Anna Nicole Smith

March 8th, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith


Houston, Texas

10:42 pm

(rectified by Dave Campbell)

Anna was known for “being famous for being famous” which relates to her personality. While growing up she told others she wanted to be the next Marilyn Monroe. Her personal need for attention and strong desire for recognition, and fame relate to the sign Leo, which was also Marilyn Monroe’s rising sign. While thinking about her personality, which was also Marilyn Monroe’s rising sign. While thinking about her personality Leo came into my mind.

I decided to do a rectification of her birth chart (time) using jigsaw2 a computer program that helps sort events, dates, transits, progressions, directions, and even suggests birth times based on angles that are hit repetitiously.

10:40 pm was one of those times, and I adjusted it by two minutes. So the interpretations based on this time are from my observation of the chart and the use of transits, progressions, and directions.

18 degree’s Leo rising puts Jupiter in her first house giving her a larger than life personality, and also can be known placement for having weight issues.

Her marriage house has Aquarius on the cusp, a detached sign and she never did live with Marshall Smith the Millionaire she married. Aquarius’ ruler Uranus is in the second house of money tied to the house of marriage. Also in the second house is Pluto which can be an indicator of an inheritance. Venus is poised in her third house of publications, or magazines and is the ruler of the tenth house cusp of career, and notoriety. She became famous as a playboy centerfold, in March of 1992 and was called “the next Marilyn Monroe”. This also puts her Moon in the third (publications) in Scorpio (sexual). Her Mercury is conjunct Neptune which gives her an escapist mentality, and was the addiction problems we witnessed in her life, especially with this birth time, it squares her ascendant (body-personality). Her Sun is in Sagittarius the sunny, optimistic, outgoing, and sometimes Pollyanna sign seems to fit her well.

Sometimes however Sagittarians over exaggerate, and over-do. Mars is strongly placed in Capricorn in the sixth house of work and service, trineing her Uranus in the second house, giving financial support for her hard work. Mars is exactly squaring the Nodes, a pivotal point this lifetime for her. Saturn is poised in the eighth house of death,
inheritances, and this placement can be a delay or conflict in getting the inheritance or being restricted from it. Saturn is placed in Aries so there would be a battle over the money. Adding the asteroids to the natal chart makes it much more telling. Asteroid Niobe is conjunct her North Node at 28 Aries, Niobe can be translated as sorrow through
children. Asteroid Bacchus the god of wine, ecstasy , madness, and partying is conjunct her Mars. Eros god of erotic love is 21 degrees Leo conjunct her (rectified) ascendant.

Personal name asteroids for her chart are; Anna 10 Pisces 55, Nicole 1 Libra 36, Smith 24 Libra 46 conjunct Venus and the South Node. Daniel is 19 Libra 41 also conjunct her Venus and her asteroid Smith. Asteroid Marilyn is 26 Capricorn 50 conjunct her Mars, and Monroe is 19 Libra 42 conjunct her Daniel, Smith and Venus! Asteroid Stern is 25 Gemini in her 11th house of friends, and her real birth name Victoria is 27 Sagittarius 58 (Where Pluto was at her death).

Transits and Progressions for Death

First of all her daughter was born and her son had passed as Pluto is transiting the fifth house of children. Pluto is squaring Pluto and Uranus close to the midpoint 25 Virgo.

Saturn is conjunct the first house and Neptune is conjunct the Descendant opposing her ascendant. Her Progressed Ascendant with this chart would be 24 Virgo, exactly squaring Pluto in the fifth house of children.

On the date of her passing Pluto was exactly (partile) square Uranus (sudden-death), The Moon was Partile conjunction to her Natal Moon at 1 Scorpio, Saturn was squaring her Mercury, and Neptune, conjunct her ascendant all equaling depression. Neptune (drugs, alcohol, and escape) was squaring her Mercury, Neptune and opposing her Ascendant, making this a very unsafe time for any type of drugs, showing the confusion, and the want to escape. Transiting Mars was conjunct her Progressed Sun at 16 Capricorn. Uranus had just entered her eighth house of death (sudden, unexpected). The Sun and Neptune at 19 Aquarius on the date of her death was conjunct her Neptune/MC midpoint.

Event Chart / Date of Her Death

Feb. 8, 2007 1:38 pm Miami, Florida

Event charts can be very telling and interesting here is what I found in looking at the event-death chart for Anna Nicole Smith. The Ascendant was 20 Gemini 31, Asteroid Anna is 22 Gemini 27, Stern is 23 Gemini 27, Smith is conjunct the Sun and Neptune at 20 Aquarius 46, Mars is in the eighth house of death conjunct asteroid Victoria at 19 Capricorn 35. Asteroid Monroe is 25 Sagittarius 11, conjunct Pluto at 28 Sagittarius 16, in the seventh house opposing asteroids Anna, and Stern. Asteroid Nicole is at 28 Pisces 14 being squared by Pluto (death). Sun conjunct Neptune in the chart tells of all the confusion, mystery and photographers, along with Mercury (news) conjunct (shocking) Uranus and the MC (world, reputation, information). Saturn (reality) is opposing asteroid Smith, which was conjunct Neptune (Drugs-escape). Uranus square Jupiter is an accidental overdo (overdose). Asteroid Ceres (grief) is squaring Jupiter  excessive), which she was going through at the time of her death.

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