Paranormal Investigations

What is the Paranormal Investigator:
It is a team consisting of trained paranormal investigators and established mediums, that utilizing specialized cameras, recorders, EMF reader and more.  The team is called out for suspected hauntings, ghost hunting, and any paranormal events that may occur.
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Eric Wenzel
Lead Paranormal Investigator







Dave Campbell-  WCRM- Windbridge Certified Research Medium and investigator







In the above clip a small orb moves on the right side of the screen on the lady
on the right (Adrianne).

Table Tipping at Vulture Mine: The table was rockin. The K-2 meter did not go off, until I asked then it lit up.

In the above clip, at about 17 seconds an apparition comes out from the wall
and turns to the right (left on screen).

In this clip the paper on the table moves, when he pans back on the table.  We heard it move prior to this.

Adrianne has an “orb” or flash of light coming from no where. You can hear funny breathing, (not Eric ) and a thump sound.

A very quick orb / or flash comes out of Phasia’s jacket, lightning quick, on the
right side.

Shortly after you hear Kate ask if one of them worked on the railroad you hear a whistle.


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