Eclipses & Lunations

Eclipses and You
Author: Judith Hill
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Interpreting the Eclipses
Author: Robert Carl Jansky
Price: $17.95
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Discover the hidden meaning of
eclipses according to your sign.
Learn astronomical factors that create eclipses and
why some eclipses are total while others are not.

Lineman Prenatal Your Prenatal Eclipse
Author: Rose Lineman
Price: $16.00 O.O.S.
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Lunations and Predictions
Author: Sophia Mason
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Prenatal eclipse in signs, houses and natal, progressed and transiting aspects; karmic ties. Learn effective forecasting using the Moon’s new and full phases.

The Predictive power The Predictive Power of Eclipse Paths
Author: Bill Meridian
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Lunar Phases III Lunar Shadows III
Author: Dietrech Pessin
Price: $39.95
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The lost key to eclipses and locational astrology. Timing, ACG maps, more. The meanings of Solar and Lunar eclipses. How to plan according with moon phases.