Toyota, Haiti, Pluto Oh My…

February 5th, 2010

Haiti, Toyota, Mexico and Pluto In Capricorn! Oh MY!
by Dave Campbell

I would like to acknowledge some of the previous predictions referenced in the article.

I wrote back in July of 2007 (Pluto in Capricorn – Dave’s Articles on this website.) As a refresher Pluto is the dwarf Planet that is often called the planet of death. It rules over death, the underworld, coercion, corruption, destroying, transformation, terrorism, and on the positive side, rebirth.  Capricorn rules over the government, big business, careers, politics, the social security system, the stock market, structures, and is an earth sign indicating earth changes.

I wrote in that article; Major giant corporations would fold, (check the local malls), people would loose their job-careers, there would be a major stock market fall, major, changes in government structure ( Hello), and a MARKED  increase in earthquakes. By this I didn’t mean ones that happen everyday on the planet, I mean the ones like in Haiti, that the entire world  will know about.

Additionally the asteroids that are conjunct Pluto on the day it ingress (entered) the sign Capricorn were clues as to what would be happening according to the asteroid.  The asteroid Mexico was opposition Pluto on the ingress, showing major changes in Mexico; Death, destruction, coercion, gangs-cartel, murder at the border, and all of the immigration, border patrol issues.  Another surprising asteroid conjunction Pluto is the asteroid Toyota.  Need I explain this?  Toyota has had a major recall of eight of their best selling vehicles, and has thus stopped selling those eight vehicles!

This was due to deaths (Pluto), caused by the gas pedal sticking. It looks like Pluto is going to transform the Toyota industry, big time. The stocks took a plummet.  The Toyota first trade chart- the chart for the date, time, and place of the  first trade on the NY stock market.  The Sun in that chart is five degrees Libra, and Pluto is squaring it along with Planet Saturn (constriction, downsizing) is conjunction the Sun in that chart. In other words it looks like they will loose a lot of money, especially since Pluto is in the second house of money that Toyota will make.  To make it more interesting asteroid Toyota in the first trade chart is at 23 degrees Pisces, and Uranus is conjunction it now at 24 degrees.

In the Toyota Incorporation chart has planet Saturn at three degrees Aries, which is being squared by Pluto again in  the second house of money, and opposed by Saturn in the tenth house of career, and reputation.  In the Toyota Incorporation chart dated in 1937, asteroid Toyota 26 Cancer 48 is conjunction Pluto and Venus.

All of this shows how powerful ingress charts are and the specifics of the asteroids!

Now for the Haiti chart which is such classic astrology at work it is unbelievable.  The Sun in the Haiti chart is 9 Capricorn 57, the opposition of the December eclipse which are known for triggering earthquakes.  Haiti’s Mars is 3 Cancer 23, and transiting Pluto was exactly on Haiti’s Mars, a violent and deadly combination by itself, and squaring Saturn (structure).

Haiti’s Saturn is natally square its Mars a natural disaster waiting to happen, and transiting Saturn conjuncted Saturn and squared Haiti’s Mars, a double whammy from major malific planets triggering the potent setup.  Progressed Moon, often a trigger is exactly conjunction natal Pluto (death) in the second house of Money. Progressed Mars is squaring Progressed Pluto, and Transiting Ceres (food) is opposite progressed Mars, (Fighting over food). Transiting Uranus is exactly inconjunct the eight house cusp, and the progressed Ascendant- environment. Transiting Neptune is squaring natal and progressed Neptune, an old ruler of earthquakes.

The progressed MC is also 23 Taurus 39 opposition Progressed Neptune.  To make it even weirder progressed asteroid Richter (yes named for the Richter scale) is at 6 Cancer 20, which was triggered by transiting Mercury at 6 Capricorn 03.

There are many places to watch this year for earthquakes this will be another article, as the degree’s in their chart will be triggered.

Copyright 2010 Dave Campbell

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I’ve been at his store many times and had readings with Dave, he is really accurate in his readings, about the beginning of the year he had predicted that the company I’m working for now, was going to get sold and many new changes were coming, he was even able to tell me my new boss' name which is Ken, he said it was going to be finalized by November and guess what, it really happened, company got sold, new boss’ name is Ken and it was all finalized in November, I really think he has a great gift, I’m only waiting for the man I’ll marry next year, if it does happen I’ll be back to let everybody know. I really thank him because he had given me great guidance.
Veronica, Phoenix Arizona