Aspects to Horoscope Angles
Author: Vivia Jayne
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Unleashing the Power of the Planets

Author: Michael Munkasey
Price: $19.95
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Focus on aspects to angles. This book can help you understand the power represented by these
combinations and how to recognize their symbolism in your daily experiences with life.
Discover the Aspect Pattern in your Birth Chart
Author: Glenn Mitchell
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astrological aspects rudhyar Astrological Aspects
Author: Dane Rudhyar
Price: $18.95
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This practical guide helps you clearly and efficiently identify patterns and interpret them. You’ll also explore imbalances, unaspected and retrograde planets, intercepted and duplicated signs and more. A cyclic approach to aspects, including retrogrades, aspect patterns and practical applications.
quintiles and tredeciles Quintiles and Tredeciles
Author: Dusty Bunker
Price: $12.95
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combination of stellar inf The Combination of Stellar Influences
Author: Reinhold Ebertin
Price: $24.95
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Explores the 72-degree and 108-degree aspects and explains their cosmic significance. Basic text teaches methods of cosmobiology. Includes extensive delineation of midpoints.
Rules for Planetary Pictures
Author: Alfred Witte
Price: $41.95
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understanding aspects sextile Understanding Aspects: The Sextile
Author: Alan Epstein
Price: $12.95  Out of Print
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Utilization of midpoints In-depth analysos of the sextile: psychological, manifestation, how to use.
aspects in astrology Aspects in Astrology
Author: Sue Tompkins
Price: $16.95
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Declination – The other dimension
Author: KT Boehrer
Price: $15.95
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Aspects as keys to hidden tendencies, silent motivations, obstacles and potentials. Included in this book is the extensive information on both astronomy and astrology of declinations.


Yod Book The Yod Book
Author: Karen Hamaker-Zondag
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Yod The Yod: It’s Esoteric Meaning
Author: Joan Kellogg
Price: $16.95
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Examples of yods, inconjuncts, unaspected planets, planets in duet. Clarifies the mystery of the double quincunx and its specific applications.