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Advance Course in Astreroids
Author: Dave Campbell, PMAFA
Price: $195.00
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This self-study course, designed to increase your astrological skills and knowledge in working with asteroids, features seventeen lessons, three exams plus a final exam, exercises for each lesson.In addition, Dave will provide feedback when students submit their four exams. A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the course. By clicking “add to cart” you will be redirect to the American Federation of Astology website to complete your purchase.

Angles and Prediction Angles and Prediction
Author: Martha Lang-Wescott
Price: $49.95
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Asteroid Goddesses Asteroid Goddesses
Author: Demetra George
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Comprehensive, practical delineation guide for predictive interapsects of luminaries, Node, Aries Point, transneptunians, asteroids. The mythology and modern description by sign, house and aspect.
Press-New-Insights New Insights Into Astrology
Author: Nona Gwynn Press
Price: $26.95
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The Ultimate Asteroid Book

The Ultimate Asteroid Book
Author: J.L. Lehman
Price: $18.95
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New Insights into Astrology covers several topics of interest to the serious astrologer, curious student and researcher.
Everything you ever wanted to know about every asteroid is contained in this book.
Donath-Synastry Asteroids in Synastry
Author: Emma Belle Donath
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Asteroids in Midpoints
Author: Emma Belle Donath
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Use of asteroids in chart comparison, composites and other synastry techniques. Midpoints between asteroids, transneptunians and the traditional planets.
Lang-Architects-Time Architects of Time
Author: Martha Lang-Wescott
Price: $26.00
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Mechanics of the Future Mechanics of the Future
Author: Martha Lang-Wescott
Price: $22.95
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Predictive techniques for timing events to the minute; includes planets, asteroids, transneptunians. How to use asteroids to refine predictive techniques.
Chiron Healing Chiron and the healing Journey
Author: Melanie Reinhart
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Asteroids Interpreted
Author: Dave Campbell
Price: $22.95
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Awareness and understanding of how astrology reflects the soul’s journey of awakening. The 4 Major asteroids and Chiron are interpreted in sign, aspect, house… and asteroid to asteroid.

Archetypes of Astrology
Author: Ena Stanley
Price: $15.95
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 Blends the themes of planets, signs and houses with their ancient mythological origins in a way that provides a useful and interesting introduction to the basics of astrology .

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