Predictive: Progressions, Transits, Arcs, Returns

Your Solar Return

Author: Cynthia Bohannon
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foreseeing the future Foreseeing the Future
Author: Karen Christino
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The Annual solar return is a living diary of life. Each year its message builds on the previous year’s solar return and indicates pathways into the future. It contains the information that brings an awareness and guidance that cannot be obtained from any other system. It emphasizes the value of viewing the solar return as a natural and insightful progression of life. Chronicles the life of Evangeline Adams, including the history of astrology and the occult in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
what evangeline adams What Evangeline Adams Knew
Author: Karen Christino
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modern transits Modern Transits
Author: Lois M. Rodden
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Spotlights the techniques used by Evangeline Adams in readings,
elections, mundane events and presidential elections.
Teaches using transits for prediction; all transiting aspects delineated.
Forecasting with New, Full and Quarter Moons
Author: Sophia Mason
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Mason-Diurnal The Art of Forecasting Using Diurnal Charts
Author: Sophia Mason
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A different way of looking at transits Diurnal charts forecast present events, and are the essence of proofeading transiting aspects to the natal chart. New Edition 2016

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the gods of change The Gods of Change
Author: Howard Sasportas
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Accurate, easy predictive method Focuses on the transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and the role of pain and crisis in the process of growth and evolution.
the astrology of midlife and aging The Astrology of Midlife and Aging
Author: Erin Sullivan
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Focuses on the influence of the Uranus-Pluto alignment,
which peaks 2012-2014, and its effects past, present and
future in the world and the lives of individuals.
Focuses on mid-life and the Uranus opposition.
the art of predictive rushman The Art of Predictive Astrology
Author: Carol Rushman
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Louis-Solar-Returns The Art of Forcast Solar Return
Author: Anthony Louis
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Techniques show you how to forecast upcoming trends and life events. Provides the reader with a solid historical background on the technique and lays out.
predictive astrology adler Predictive Astrology
Author: Michelle Adler
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lunar returns townley Lunar Returns
Author: John Townley
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Explores various predictive techniques, including transits, progressions, returns and solar arcs. Includes lunar returns, five key factors, personal void-of-course Moon, daily lunar transits.
Teal-Eclipses Eclipses
Author: Celeste Teal
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electional astrology Electional Astrology
Author: Joann Hampar
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cusses the effect of eclipses in natal charts and their use in mundane astrology. Basic how-to for electional astrology; examples include weddings, vacations, new businesses, real estate, surgery.
mapping your future Mapping Your Future
Author: Kris Brandt Riske
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saturn cycles Saturn Cycles
Author: Wendell C. Perry
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Step-by-step guide to predictive astrology; includes CD-ROM
that calculates charts and generates interpretive report.
This book focuses on Saturn transits to the four angles. Includes
numerous examples of both positive and negative use of these
transits, and delineation of Saturn aspects.

planets in transit Planets in Transit
Author: Robert Hand
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predictive astrology brady Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark
Author: Bernadette Brady
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Complete interpretation of the meaning of all transits to the natal chart. Comprehensive textbook of predictive astrology; includes progressions, returns, eclpses, arcs.
Milburn Progressed horoscope The Progressed Horoscope Simplified
Author: Leigh Hope Milburn
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Leo Progressed Horoscope The Progressed Horoscope Out of print/stock
Author: Alan Leo
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This 1928 classic gives detailed guidelines to interpret the progressed
chart and transits. Includes chapters on planets and Ascendant, planets
through the signs, aspects and parallels.
A classic book on progressions that thoroughly covers the subject; features delineations of major and minor aspects.
Modern Transits
Modern Transits
Author: Lois M. Rodden
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The Transiting Planets The Transiting Planets
Author: Sakoian and Acker
Price: $24.95
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Delineation of all transiting aspects, including guidelines for using transits in predictive astrology. Extensive volume on the transiting planets as used in predictive astrology. Includes planets through the houses and each planet in aspect to every other planet.