astrology and the authentic Astrology and the Authentic Self
Author: Demetra George
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the astrology of self discovery The Astrology of Self-Discovery
Author: Tracy Marks
Price: $18.95
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Explains how to use classical concepts to interpret the birth chart and
life purpose in a modern context.
Revised and expanded edition of a classic that focuses on the in-depth exploration of birth chart potentials and outer planet transits.
astrology transformation Astrology Transformation and Empowerment
Author: Adrian Duncan
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astro tutor The Astro Tutor
Author: Nancy Frederick Out of print /out of stock
Price: $24.95
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Comprehensive guide for astrologers and every aspect of working with clients. A compilation of the author’s most popular articles that focus on basic astrology: planets, houses, aspects, delineation.
synthesis and counseling Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology
Author: Noel Tyl
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astrological consultation Noel Tyl’s Guide to Astrological Consultation
Author: Noel Tyl
Price: $24.95
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How to synthesize the horoscope and effectively use it in counseling;
counseling techniques; analysis of 122 charts.
Explores astrological interpretation as an art form; keys to analysis and presentation, therapy ideas, verbatim cases.
the principles of astrology The Principles of Astrology
Author: C.E.O. Carter
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principles horoscope Some Principles of Horoscopic Delineation
Author: C.E.O. Carter
Price: $18.95
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Natal chart interpretation, including planets, houses, judgment of
character and destiny; a classic.
Classic volume devoted to horoscope interpretation; includes longevity, suicide, crime, success.
CharlesJayne The Best of Charles Jayne
Author: Charles Jayne
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way of astrology Way of Astrology
Author: Ivy Jacobsen
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Includes four of the author’s books: Horoscope Interpretation Outline, Locality Astrology, Parallels, Rectification. Covers the basic techniques for interpretation of natal, progressed, horary, electional
In the beginning In the Beginning, Astrology
Author: Ivy Jacobsen
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Here and There Here and There in Astrology
Author: Ivy Jacobsen
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Discusses prenatal astrology, rectification, delineation, vocational and mundane astrology Essays on planetary meanings, nodes, solstice points, wedding and horary charts, and more.

Astrological Insights Personality Astrological Insights into personality
Author: Betty Lundsteed
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Mapping your Family Relat Mapping Your Family Relationships
Author: Stephanie Clement
Price: $19.95
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Focuses on the formative energies in a chart, as well as the potential; family patterns, influences at birth and in early years. Explores family relationships, including siblings, parents and extended family. CD-ROM included to generate charts and reports

Yesterdays Sky Yesterdays Sky: Astrology and Reincarnation
Author: Steven Forrest
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Astrology of Transformation The Astrology of Transformation
Author: Dane Rudhyar
Price: $14.00
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Interpretaion of your chart through reincarnation and past lives. Describes the interplay of astrological influences to help fulfill birth chart potential; natal and predictive
journey through the Birthchart A Journey Through the Birthchart
Author: Joanne Wickenburg
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Chart Interpretation Steven Arroyos Chart Interpretation Handbook
Author: Steven Arroyo
Price: $12.95
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For beginning and intermediate students; signs, planets, houses, aspects Learn to combine keywords and interpretive phrases for intelligent, insightful delineation

Hidden Powers Your Hidden Powers
Author: Joanne Wickenburg
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Cosmopsychology Cosmo PsychologyThe Engine of Destiny
Author: Marc Robertson
Price: $11.95
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Retrograde planets, intercepted signs, interpreted in detail Planetary Phases described along with the eight phases new, to balsamic.
Evolutionary Astrology Evolutionary Astrology: Pluto and the Karmic Mission
Author: Deva Green
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 Decantes and Dwads Decantes and Dwads
Author: Sakoian & Acker
Price: $22.95
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Evolutionary Astrology, taken off from where Jeff her dad left off. Past lives and Karma explored. This classic reprinted interprets the Decantes and dwads of each sign.