astrology and the authentic Astrology and the Authentic Self
Author: Demetra George
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the astrology of self discovery The Astrology of Self-Discovery
Author: Tracy Marks
Price: $18.95
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Explains how to use classical concepts to interpret the birth chart and
life purpose in a modern context.
Revised and expanded edition of a classic that focuses on the in-depth exploration of birth chart potentials and outer planet transits.
Interpreting the Eclipses
Author: Robert Carl Jansky
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The Astrology of Midlife and Aging
Author: Erin Sullivan
Price: $15.95
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In this book, learn the unique astronomical factors that create eclipses and why some eclipses are total while others are not. The author uses his interpretation of eclipses mechanics in analysis. Erin Sullivan takes us through the metamorphosis, and across the threshold of midlife into full maturation and elderhood. Sullivan shows how this period is demarcated by the planet uranus, which traverses halfway through its own cycle in the natal horoscope.
Astrology A Cosmic Science
Author: Isabel M. Hickey
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Choice Centered Astrology
Author: Gail Fairfield
Price: $16.95
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This inspiring book can accurately be called a comprehensive textbook of spititual astrology, and this new, revised edition has been expanded to include seventy pages of updated material on pluto. Fairfield Shows how astrology can be used to understand the nature of a situation, an individual’s contribution to the situation, and the available options and resources to deal with it responsibly.
Money: How to find it with Astrology
Author: Lois M. Rodden
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Direction and Destiny in the Birth Chart
Author: Howard Sasportas
Price: $32.99
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Money: How to Find it with Astrology is presented to astrologers who have everyday down to earth concerns about work, career, and money in their own lives. Where is the spotlight on success? How is the wealth potential activated? What career holds the most promise? At Howard’s seminars the participants could enjoy his unique combination of intuitive insight, humour, warmth, inspired interpretation, and profound grasp of human nature. It is his rare blend of spirituality and down to earth trenchant observations of human psychology.
CharlesJayne The Best of Charles Jayne
Author: Charles Jayne
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Living Lilith: Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine
Author: Kelly Hunter
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Includes four of the author’s books: Horoscope Interpretation Outline, Locality Astrology, Parallels, Rectification. Living Lilith traces this powerful achetype through mythology arts astrology on the world stage and in real life.
Black Moon Lilith
Author: Kelly Hunter
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Interpreting Lilith
Author: Delphine Gloria Jay
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The author blends astronomy myth depth psychology and original creative research into her investigation of the Black moon. This comprehensive book begins with Lilith’s Astronomical history and legends as a reference point for its influence in the chart. Delphine then goes onto give complete delineations of lilith through each sign, house, and aspect

Astrological Insights Personality Astrological Insights into personality
Author: Betty Lundsteed
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Mapping your Family Relat Mapping Your Family Relationships
Author: Stephanie Clement
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Focuses on the formative energies in a chart, as well as the potential; family patterns, influences at birth and in early years. Explores family relationships, including siblings, parents and extended family. CD-ROM included to generate charts and reports

Yesterdays Sky Yesterdays Sky: Astrology and Reincarnation
Author: Steven Forrest
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Astrology of Transformation The Astrology of Transformation
Author: Dane Rudhyar
Price: $14.00
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Interpretaion of your chart through reincarnation and past lives. Describes the interplay of astrological influences to help fulfill birth chart potential; natal and predictive
journey through the Birthchart A Journey Through the Birthchart
Author: Joanne Wickenburg
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Chart Interpretation Steven Arroyos Chart Interpretation Handbook
Author: Steven Arroyo
Price: $12.95
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For beginning and intermediate students; signs, planets, houses, aspects Learn to combine keywords and interpretive phrases for intelligent, insightful delineation

Hidden Powers Your Hidden Powers
Author: Joanne Wickenburg
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Cosmopsychology Cosmo PsychologyThe Engine of Destiny
Author: Marc Robertson
Price: $11.95
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Retrograde planets, intercepted signs, interpreted in detail Planetary Phases described along with the eight phases new, to balsamic.
Evolutionary Astrology Evolutionary Astrology: Pluto and the Karmic Mission
Author: Deva Green
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 Decantes and Dwads Decantes and Dwads
Author: Sakoian & Acker
Price: $22.95
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Evolutionary Astrology, taken off from where Jeff her dad left off. Past lives and Karma explored. This classic reprinted interprets the Decantes and dwads of each sign.