houses of the horoscope Houses of the Horoscope
Author: Alan Oken
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the 12th house The Twelfth House
Author: Karen Hamaker-Zondag
Price: $14.95
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The author explains how to use house placement to reveal where an individual’s fundamental lessons can be learned, and how to maximize daily life. In-depth discussion of the twelfth house, its influence on the personality and how to work with these planets.
rulers of the horoscope Rulers of the Horoscope
Author: Alan Oken
Price: $19.95
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from one house to another From One House to Another
Author: Sophia Mason
Price: $11.95
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How-tos for delineation and synthesis of house rulers and their signs and the houses they occupy and rule. Derivative houses: how the houses in a natal chart indicate other people in the individual’s life.
understanding interceptions Understanding Interceptions
Author: Chris McRae
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eighth house 8th House
Author: Marc Robertson
Price: $12.95
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Delineation of intercepted signs and repeated signs; examples. Topics include investments, reincarnation, sex, ego, death.

the houses temples of the sky The Houses – Temples of the Sky
Author: Deborah Houlding
Price: $25.00
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Focuses on house interpretation, including the history behind the evolution of the houses.

Houses of the Horoscope2 Houses of the Horoscope
Author: Bill Herbst
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Houses Houses a Contemporary Guide
Author: Gwyneth Bryan
Price: $14.95
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Covers each planet in the houses very detailed. Blends astrology, psychology and metaphor, easy to read guide into the houses.
Gate of Rebirth Gate of Rebirth Astrology,Regeneration and 8th house Mysteries
Author: Haydn Paul
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Your Secret Self Your Secret SelfIlluminating the Mysteries of the Twelfth house
Author: Tracy Marks
Price: $24.95
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In depth investigation of the eighth house. Rebirth, renewal themes. Hidden Wisdom, Planets, and signs, Conflicts, Liberation, Dreamwork and the shadow are covered.

the house connection The House Connection
Author: Karen Hamaker-Zondag
Price: $18.95
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Focuses on the rulers of the houses, signs on the cusps, and how aspects between house rulers are interpreted. Includes delineation of each house ruler in another house.