Horary at Its Best Horary at Its Best
Author: Alphee Lavoie
Price: $16.99
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Horary Astrology Plain Horary Astrology: Plain and Simple
Author: Anthony Louis
Price: $19.95
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Thorough discussion and how-to of horary astrology. Many true examples. Step-by-step how-tos for reading horary charts; includes section on event charts.

 Horary Astrology 1 Horary Astrology
Price: $22.95
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 Lose this Book Loose this book and find it with Horary
Author: Alphee Lavoie
Price: $15.99
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Classic work on horary astrology Learn the specialty of finding missing objects. Determine lost or stolen.

martial-art-of-horary The Martial Art of Horary Astrology
Author: Lee Lehman
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Horary Astrology Horary Astrology
Author: Marc E. Jones
Price: $24.95
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Very Thorough techniques of Horary. Rules of Horary, yes/no questions and how to phrase.
horary-astrology-appleby Horary Astrology
Author: Derek Appleby
Price: $23.95
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Horary and electional only way The Only Way to learn Horary v.6
Author: March, McEvers
Price: $15.95
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Classic volume that includes the philosophy of horary interpretation, basic techniques, traditional approaches and interpretation. Volume 6 of the series covers Horary techniques and Electional.

horary-re-examined Horary Astrology Re-Examined
Author: Barbara Dunn
Price: $44.00
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Electional astrology 1 Electional Astrology The Art of Timing
Author: Joanne Hampar
Price: $14.95
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Classic interpretations mad practical, thick volume. Basic how-to for electional astrology; examples include weddings, vacations, new businesses, real estate, surgery.

Horary Astrology
Author: Geraldine Davis
Price: $22.95
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The first part of the book outlines the basics, the rules of horary astrology from the zodiac to the aspects to the colors and directions. In all, there are more than 20 factors that are explained and that form the basis of reading any horary chart.