Astrological References


Key Words Grell Key Words
Author:Paul Grell
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Key Words For Astrology Key Words for Astrology
Author: Banzhaf
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Concise and valuable listing of keywords for signs, planets, houses; includes meanings of derivative houses. Keywords and extensive descriptions of signs, planets, houses and aspects
Growing Pains
Author: Alex Trenoweth
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The Astrologers  Book of Charts
Author: Frank Clifford
Price: $19.99
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Using the cycle of jupiter and Saturn Trenoweth untangles the confusing conundrum of why groups of students are so different from each other year on year, and sometimes even within year groups. Chart collection of many famous people, by data collector Frank Clifford.
combination of stellar inf The Combination of Stellar Influences
Author: Reinhold Ebertin
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The Math of Astrology
Author: Peter Murphy & Beth Rosato
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Using cosmobiology a great reference book of the combination of planets. A simple methodical step by step guide for manual chart calculation with pencil and paper. Often perceived as difficult, chart calculation is in fact a skill easily mastered with practice.


Encylopedia of Astrology Encyclopedia of Astrology
Author: Nicolas DeVore
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Horosopes of USA Horoscopes of the USA and Canada
Author: Marc Penfield
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Encyclopedia of astrological terms. Horoscopes of many major cities in the US and Canada


A Multitude of Lives A Multitude of Lives
Author: Paul Wright
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Accurate World Accurate World Horoscopes
Author: Doris Chase Doane
Price: $25.95
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Collection of 2,800 birth charts and biographies, most previously unpublished; categorical index. Charts for the U.N., 173 countries and territories with cosmodynes and aspects.
Horoscopes of Latin America Horoscopes of Latin America
Author: Marc Penfield
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Stars Over England Stars Over England
Author: Marc Penfield
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Natal charts of countries and cities in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and South America. Charts, history and analysis of England and its monarchs