Tarot and Astrology

January 16th, 2010

By Dave Campbell

I have studied the Tarot since the age of fourteen back in 1978.  Early on in the Tarot books I kept seeing references to the signs and planets.  Since I didn’t know astrology yet, it made me curious to learn about astrology, which never ended.  After learning astrology going back and reviewing the tarot correspondences  with my current knowledge some of the correspondences no longer make sense.

There can be several reasons for this, one being that Tarot is a system in itself outside of astrology.  The other is that the Golden Dawn and the other occult secret societies did not want the secrets written down for commoners.  They purposely switched some of the cards associations to keep the secrecy that only members would know.  Another reason is that the archetypes are very universal and ten different astrologers will have ten different opinions about which card goes to which sign or planet.

I am going to give you my associations for food for thought, as it seems that what has been started and accepted as fact keeps going without question even from seasoned astrologers.  I do believe that the tarot is a combination of many different disciplines, astrology,  numerology, esoteric teachings, and an overall book of life. The tarot is a great tool to increase your psychic ability, and with knowledge of astrology I think you become a much better tarot reader.

Tarot consists of four suits which correspond to the four elements in astrology.

  • Wands-  Fire element. Action, inspiration, activity.Summer.
  • Cups- Water element. Emotions, feelings, intuition.  Spring.
  • Swords- Air element.  Thoughts, mentality, ideas.  Fall
  • Pentacles- Earth element.  Money, physicality, tangible.  Winter

There are two major parts to the tarot; The Major Arcana which is twenty two cards. Ten Planets, and twelve signs= twenty two.  The minor arcane is the remaining fifty six cards, Which are the four suits, an Ace through ten, then a page, knight, queen, and king.

The major arcana is what I am going to discuss in this article.

Number Card Astrological Association Dave’s   Key Words (Others association)
0 The Fool Gemini Young, naiveté, curious, risk taking, adventure, restless (Uranus)
1 The Magician Mercury Multi-skilled, magician, trickster, learning (Mercury)
2 The High Priestess Pisces Intuition, Spiritual hidden forces, looking within (Moon)
3 The Empress Venus Love, harmony, fertility, abundance (Venus)
4 The Emperor Mars Masculine, battle, courage, strength, assertion, military (Aries)
5 The Hierophant Sagittarius Higher knowledge, spiritual teacher, guidance, wisdom. I also think of Chiron master teacher, healer, who was turned into Sagittarius (Taurus)
6 The Lovers Taurus Love, sensuality, marriage, physical union, commitment. Values. I think of Venus which rules over Taurus (Gemini)
7 The Chariot Aries Taking the reins, conquest, power, triumph, success, charging full speed ahead (Cancer)
8 Strength Leo Courage, strength, good health, vitality, self mastery, lust (Leo)
9 The Hermit Virgo Going within, meditation, healing, reflection, planning (Virgo)
10 The Wheel of Fortune Jupiter Growth, opportunities, abundance, good luck (Jupiter)
11 Justice Libra Fairness, balance, equality, court, law, harmony (Libra)
12 Then Hanged Man Neptune Pause, uncertainty, going within, limbo, spiritual (Neptune)
13 Death Scorpio end of situation, transformation, death and rebirth, irrevocable change (Scorpio)
14 Temperance Cancer moderation, alchemy, balancing emotions, balance of spirit and matter (Sagittarius)
15 The Devil Saturn Restraint, bondage, negativity, fear, control, feeling chained (Capricorn)
16 The Tower Uranus Disruption, sudden, and unexpected, lightning striking, crisis (Mars)
17 The Star Aquarius Hope, wishes, dreams, friendship, luck, fruition, astrology
18 The Moon Moon Instinct, the mother, feelings, emotions, change, female (Pisces)
19 The Sun Sun Vitality, success, recognition, masculine energy, joy, leadership (Sun)
20 Judgment Pluto Judging or being judged, major transformation, resurrection, regeneration (Scorpio)
21 The World Capricorn Success, fulfillment of goals, achievement, karma (Saturn)

For those who use tarot, try these rulerships for the major arcana and see if they work for you and give you more insight into your tarot, and maybe even vice versa.  If you haven’t explored the tarot perhaps this will inspire you to do so.  I think astrologers can make great tarot readers.

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I just wanted to thank Dave Campbell, for being such a wonderful mentor in my spiritual journey! In the past 4.5 months, I have taken Psychic Development 1 and 2, Medium class and Tarot Reading classes. I have known since a very young age that I had abilities to see, hear and feel; but was not able to "put it all together" until I started studying under Dave. I also had the pleasure of making not just new friends, but I have obtained five spiritual sisters, that have brought joy, humor, and light into my life. I plan on continuing my spiritual growth in January, by taking Dave's Astrology class. So Dave, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you!
Mary, Glendale, AZ