Peter Criss – Birth Date, Birth Time

February 1st, 2010

Peter Criss Of KISS Birth Day/Time Rectification
By Dave Campbell PMAFA

First I must say that there have been discrepancies over Peter’s birth year over the years.  It has since been cleared up.  He wanted to shave a couple of years off, for public relation purposes, he was the oldest in the group.  He used to say he was born in 1947.  He publicly stated according to the Rodden data bank that he was born at 1:30 pm Dec. 20, 1945 on the radio.  Since the reunion of KISS and many biographies of the group have been published it is now well known he was born in 1945.  I have personally seen legal documents (passport) that has this date on it.

So I was not very trusting of his birth time as I thought well he lied about the year.  This led me to do a rectification of his chart, and amazingly enough one of the times that jigsaw 2 came up with (the rectification software I use) was 1:26 pm with an ascendant of 4-5 degree’s of Taurus.  I thoroughly tested this time that closely matched what he said on air, and am convinced this is the correct time (1:26 pm.)

Peter Criss
1:26 pm (rectified by Dave Campbell)
Brooklyn, NY

I will first go over his bio and birth chart and then go on to what I used for the rectification and what was happening in his chart at each event.

Peter was born and grew up in a tough neighborhood, all his family lived in a four room apartment. While he was a teen to survive he had to join in a gang called the Phantom Lords.  Peter was well known to have a terrible temper, (Mars square Asc,) and it was said many times that Peter scarred people.  He has a love of guns (again Mars Square ASC.) He was often sad and depressed (Moon conjunction Saturn 4th house).  He had a drug problem that was very severe during his KISS days.  He was often said to be irrational.  I remember a friend of mine asked him for his autograph, Gene Simmons warned her not to disturb him if he was eating.  She did any way and he told her to eat her nose.  Peter on the other hand has also always been referred to as the sensitive one. (Moon in Cancer.)

He always wanted to be a drummer, his favorite drummer who taught him lessons was the legendary Gene Krupa, of jazz fame.  Elvis was another of Peter’s idols growing up. Peter has asteroid Elvis conjunction his Neptune-Fantasy, idol. ” I would come out as a kid and imitate Elvis.  My other favorites were the Lone Ranger and Hopalong Cassidy”.   Peter loved all the western, cowboy shows like Maverick,  Have Gun Will Travel, and Gunsmoke. This is all in the book KISS behind the Mask, the Official authorized biography.  I highly recommend getting it.

This all sounds very much like  Taurus interests to me.  The book also clarifies he never wanted to be a cowboy, that from day one he wanted to be a drummer.

Further support of is rising sign being Taurus is that his first wife Lydia (Beth) was a Scorpio born 11/6/47. Third wife Gigi is also a Scorpio born on 11/9. Both of their Suns fall in his seventh house of Marriage. Additionally his second wife’s name is Debra (birth date unknown) and Peter has asteroid Deborah at 29 Scorpio 14 again in this seventh house of marriage! Asteroid Sinatra named after Frank is conjunction Peter’s 7th house cusp exactly at 5 Scorpio, Sinatra was also one of Peters favorites. There is a picture of Peter with Sinatra’s biography on an airplane with Lydia, in the book KISS and Sell, another recommended book.

Peter’s sun sign is Sagittarius which is conjunction the degree of Paul Stanley’s rising sign. Another amazing synchronicity is that Peter has asteroid Casablanca conjunction his Sun at 29 Sagittarius 32 also conjunction his South Node at 29 Sagittarius 57. This is amazing because Casablanca is the first record label, and Paul Stanley also has this asteroid conjunction his Sun, born completely different years!   Peter definantly fits his Sun sign traits as well, he has a religious side and his sun sits in the eighth house/ninth house cusp, which shows lots of travel, love of philosophy, religion. Sagittarians also have a wild side, they are half beast/horse. Sagittarians love to party, and don’t like restrictions or too many rules. They love their freedom.  I personally think Sagittarius is the sign of Rock and Roll, or at least a strong pre-requisite for the personality.; The need to be a traveler, freedom, bachelorhood, partying, non attachment, spontaneity, creativity.

Some of the interesting asteroids in Peters chart are: RockNRoll 13 Sag conjunction his Venus (music) at 18 Sag. 17, also McCartney (paul) is 13 Sag. Conjunction his Venus and Rocknroll.!  Peter has asteroid Church at 21 Sagittarius conjunction his Venus and Sun. He say’s he goes to church regularly (as of 2009, I don’t know about his earlier years.)   Church is also a Sagittarian theme.

Asteroid Peter is 12 Aries 48 in the twelfth opposing Neptune (drugs, alcohol). Asteroid Crisser (for Criss) is 28 Libra 57 conjunction his Jupiter. Asteroid Simmons is 25 Virgo 25, in the sixth house of co-workers, and asteroid FitzSimmons is 17 Aries conjunction asteroid Peter. Asteroid Lydia is 0 Leo 00 RX conjunction his Mars. (His first wife)

Asteroid Paul is 15 Scorpio 59 in the seventh house of partnerships-business. Asteroid Eugenia is 11 Virgo 31, asteroid Stanley is 24 Aquarius 46, and Acer (for Ace) is 28 Aquarius 49 conjunction Stanley in the eleventh house of friends and  groups (Rock groups). Asteroid Gene Campbell is conjunction his MC at 16 Capricorn 31.

Another synchronicity is Peters rising sign at 5 Taurus is conjunction Ace Frehley’s  Sun at 6 Taurus, and they were very close and hung out together the most.


  • KISS behind the mask the official authorized biography by David Leaf and Ken Sharp.
  • KISS and sell the making of a super group by CK Lendt. I highly recommend these books.
  • also Sealed with a KISS by Lydia Criss about Peter Criss.
  • The Kiss website gives time lines as well.

Now for the events for the rectification: T=Transiting, P.=Progressed, SA=Solar Arc

  1. Peter meets Lydia -T Moon conjunction MC, T Venus trine Neptune, P. Sun 19 Capricorn conjunction MC. SA (Solar Arc) Mercury conjunction Sun, SA Uranus sextile Ascendant.  7/3/66
  2. Joins Chelsea first group- P. MC opposition Pluto. 1968
  3. Marries Lydia- T. Jupiter exactly conjunct. DSC. P. Venus conjunction MC, SA Moon sextile Vertex. 1/31/70
  4. Peter/Lydia take honeymoon to England: P. Asc conjunct P. Moon, SA Sat. Trine Venus. 5/10/1970
  5. Places ad for drummer. P. MC trine Uranus, SA Jupiter sextile MC. 4/11/72
  6. Peter joins KISS- T. North node conj. MC, T. Sun sextile MC, SA Moon trine Venus. 11/11/72
  7. First KISS concert- T. Saturn conj. Uranus,  T. Jupiter 10th opposition Saturn, T. Uranus conjunct. Jupiter, SA Mercury trine ASC, SA Jupiter trine Moon. 1/30/73
  8. Offered recording deal: T. Mars conjuntion ASC, D MC sextile Venus. 8/24/73
  9. Official signing w/ Casablanca: T Moon 19 Cap. Conj. MC (time ?)  11/1/73
  10. First tour begins: T. Saturn conj. Nnode . ASC sextile Pluto. 4/26/74
  11. Car Crash P. Mercury conj. MC, P. Sun opposing Mars.5/10/78 +/- days
  12. Lydia files for divorce/Peter having affairs:  11/16/78
  13. Lydia agrees to divorce signs papers at 1:00 9/13/79: t. Mars conj. Saturn, T. Sun trine MC, T. Neptune conjunct Venus (affair), P. Mars conj. IC, SA Uranus conjunct. IC.
  14. Peter Marries Debra: 12/15/79; T. Moon conj. DSC, T. Sun Sextile Jupiter, T. Venus Conjunction MC.
  15. Peters last concert w/KISS: T Pluto square Moon, T Uranus trine Saturn, P. Mercury Opposing Moon. 12/16/79
  16. Peter officially leaves KISS: 5/16/80  T. Pluto Square MC- exact!, SA Uranus conj. IC-endings.
  17. Jenilee born 4/7/81 SA asc sextile Pluto.
  18. Solo album released:  SA Sun square ASC 5/10/82
  19. Divorced Debra: 1984 SA ASC conj. Uranus. T Saturn conj. DSC
  20. Married Gigi 5/15/88 SA ASC opposing Venus, SA Venus opposing Mars
  21. Peters Mother Passes away 1/1/91  T. Moon opposing Moon, T Jupiter conj. Pluto in the 4th.
  22. Peter and Ace reunite with KISS MTV 8/8/95; T. Neptune and Uranus 10th, T Neptune opposing Saturn.
  23. KISS world tour Reunion: 6/28/1996 T Jupiter conj. MC, T. Neptune, Uranus tenth house of career, P. Moon sextile Moon.

Copyright Dave Campbell

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have had many readings from Dave. The information I got from him was always correct. My only regret is that I now live out of state and cannot drop in the store like I used to. But Dave does do phone readings! And the aura pics are awesome. That is something else I miss. Millie