Paul Stanley – Birth Time Rectified

January 16th, 2010

Paul Stanley – Rectifying His Birth Time, and Interpreting His Chart (below)

by Dave Campbell

Rectification is a method used in astrology to figure out the correct birth time of an individual.  It can be used if the birth time is not known at all, or if there is a time frame, such as just after noon, etc.  I have tried for years to locate the birth time of Paul Stanley of KISS, as well as the other members of KISS.  I have had no luck in thirty years, so I guess its time for me to rectify it.

I use the Jigsaw 2 rectification and research program.  It makes rectification so much easier and even possible!  You can see transits, progressions, directions at a glance according to the events of their life you put into the program.  In rectification you list significant events of a persons life, with the date, and if known the time and place of the events.

The job of the astrologer is to set up a chart, and see if there is any common, recurring planetary placements, in the events, that are not planets in the chart.  We are looking for possible angles of the chart.  The aspects in the chart to the proposed angles should make sense symbolically.  As astrologer Dr. Zipporah Dobbins said in rectification “all systems of astrology should work, such as transits, progressions, directions” , and then of course the chart should fit the person, symbolically.

I will list all the events that I used in the rectification research with dates, and show the astrological event that took place in the chart that I came up with.  It should be said that rectification is an excellent tool, but any rectified chart can never be truly said as fact.

What it does do is give the astrologer a chart to work with, or a client something they can use and test in their life as a working chart for them.

I am going to give you the chart info first so if you wish you can follow.  The time I came up with.

Paul Stanley
January 20, 1952
5:19 am
Queens, New York
Rectified by Dave Campbell

His ascendant is 28 Sagittarius, Midheaven is 21 Libra.

List of events, and significance.

  1. Moved at age eight;  Transiting (t) Jupiter conjunction Ascendant, Progressed (p) MC square Sun.  year marker 1960
  2. Ace hired KISS was born: transit Uranus conj. MC, Jupiter in first house, progressed Sun trine MC.  1/17/73
  3. First Concert KISS: transiting moon conj. Ascendant, transiting. Mars, sextile MC, progressed Sun trine MC. 1/30/73
  4. KISS signed with Casablanca record label: transiting north node sextile the Moon.  11/1/73
  5. KISS first album released: transiting Saturn conj. DSC, transiting. Jupiter in second house. 2/18/74
  6. Movie Phantom of the Park released: transiting Mars sextile ascendant. 10/28/78
  7. Peter Leaves KISS: transiting Pluto conjunct MC, transit. Jupiter sextile Moon, Solar Arc Directed (d) N.N.  conjunction Moon. 5/17/80
  8. Ace leaves KISS: transiting  Neptune conjunction Asc, transiting, Saturn  and Pluto in tenth house. 11/10/82
  9. Unmasked on MTV, they took off the makeup: progressed Ascendant conjunct Sun, transiting Saturn in tenth conjunction the Moon. Transiting  Neptune conjunction ascendant.  9/18/83
  10. Eric Carr (Drummer) passes: transiting Pluto in eleventh (friends, groups), transit Moon in seventh (partnerships). 11/24/91
  11. Marries Pamela: transiting n. node conjunction ascendant, progressed Moon trine Mercury- the ruler of the seventh.  Solar Directed Mercury trines MC, SD ascendant sextiles Jupiter. 7/26/92
  12. Hall of fame induction: Neptune square MC, Solar arc MC square north node.  5/18/93
  13. Evan Shane born: Son, progressed Jupiter in fifth house of children, and directed Moon is fifth. 6/24/94
  14. MTV unplugged with Peter, and Ace: transiting Uranus semisextile ascendant. Progressed ascendant trine Saturn. 8/8/95
  15. World Reunion Tour with Peter and Ace: 1/28/1996. Transiting north node conjunction MC, transit Jupiter in first, progressed Venus conjunction pr. Ascendant both trine Saturn.
  16. Pam files for divorce: Transiting Neptune opposition vertex, transit Mars conjunction ascendant, solar arc Venus conjunction Moon.  5/5/2001
  17. Hip replacement surgery: Transit Saturn in inconjunct  Ascendant, transit Pluto in twelfth, Progressed Moon opposition Jupiter (rules hips), Solar arc asc. Opposition Pluto in the eighth of surgery.   10/12/2004
  18. Married Erin Sutton: transit Moon in seventh house of relationships, transit Pluto conjunction ascendant, progressed ascendant trine Mars, solar arc MC sextile Saturn, Solar arc Pluto conj. Saturn, SA, ascendant trine Neptune.

As you can see there are a lot of hits to the charts ASC, MC, Moon, all significant timers for events.  Also the progressed Ascendant and Moon, MC, also are significant in timing.

Now for the fun part analyzing the chart.  As a final touch to rectification you can use the asteroids to see what falls on the Moon, and angles, they should make sense to the chart/person. Asteroids should only be used once you think you have determined the birthtime, to validate it.

Paul Stanley’s Natal Chart

Paul having Sagittarius rising makes a lot of sense, I see a lot of rock stars with this sign or ascendant.  It is the sign of a rover, wanderer, they love travel, play by there own rules, lets have fun is the motto.  Sagittarius usually has a longer face, as Paul does.  The degree of his rising sign 28 degree’s Sagittarius is conjunction Peters Sun at 27 Sagittarius.
Asteroid Paul is 23 Sagittarius 43 conjunction his Venus and ascendant, asteroid Pamela is 29 Gemini 28 conjunction his seventh house cup of marriage, and opposite his asteroid Paul.  This is a great indicator of this being the correct rising sign.  Here is a quote from his authorized biography KISS behind the mask. “ I always had this vision of myself on a white horse, doing battle like Zoro. When I was little I always wanted to be a superhero”.  He wanted to be a swashbuckler with a sword, and tights with long boots.

To add to that asteroid Excalibur is 27 Sagittarius 44 conjunction his ascendant. Very Sagittarian themes.  Sagittarius rising is always looking for higher aspirations, seeking the top, and wondering what is next.  They have a great sense of humor, and it is the sign of travel as Sagittarius doesn’t like 9 to 5 jobs.   Paul always was very smart in school when he tried, he just usually didn’t try.  This is also a Sagittarian trait.   The song “I wanna Rock n Roll all night and Party every day” is a Sagittarian themed song.

This time gives Paul a Scorpio Moon, this is a very deep emotional Moon, that doesn’t let people in too easily. It is conjunction his Mars as zero Scorpio, wow what a temper he can have.  One clue about this Moon from the biography is “ my mom taught me not to let anybody mess with me, and not to let anyone take advantage of you.”  “I was always getting into fights, I was a sturdy little kid, no one could hurt me” This sounds like Scorpio. Many of Paul’s songs are sexual in nature and Scorpio is a highly sexual sign. I think the Moon being in the tenth house is very appropriate, as it can indicate being in the public eye, or famous.

Some other amazing and synchronistic asteroids that are in Paul’s chart, are as follows.

Paul’s Sun is at 29 Capricorn 18, he has asteroid Bacchus at 28 Capricorn 49. Bacchus was the God of wine, ecstasy  and madness. He had groupies, and went into the woods, danced and sang, got drunk, had sex, and went wild.  This sounds like Paul’s life.  Bacchus is what I call the first rock star. The Sun is your main identity, and goal in life.  Paul says he knew he wanted to be a rock star since early childhood.

Paul has the asteroid Beatles 28Capricorn 40 also conjunction his Sun – and asteroid Bacchus! “Seeing the Beatles for the first time on the Ed Sullivan show was the clincher! He was transfixed,” said Paul.   They (KISS)  have been called the Beatles on steroids.

Another very strange coincidence is that their first record label for years was Casablanca Records.  Paul has asteroid Casablanca 28 Capricorn 26! This is crazy! I love those detailed asteroids!

Paul was always interested in art, and went to art school. He is still an artist and a very successful one. With Libra on the mid heaven and Neptune conjunction it, and sextile his Venus in Sagittarius in the twelfth house. He certainly has the signature of an artist, musician.

Another asteroid related to music is Apollo at 21 Sagittarius, conjunction his Venus, and sextile his Neptune as well.

Other interesting asteroid placements are:

  • Stanley at 13 Sagittarius 05 in the 12th.  (Sagittarius theme again)
  • Shane 6 Capricorn 55 conjunction his Mercury in the 1st.  (Sons name)
  • Eugenia 20 Capricorn 03 (for Eugene – Gene) conjunction his Sun-wide.
  • Erin 17 Aquarius 13 (his wife)
  • Evans 17 Aquarius 35 (his son)
  • Gene campbell 15 Aries 13 (for Gene, conjunction his Jupiter,  4th cusp.
  • Simmons 21 Aries 04 conjunction his fourth house cusp.
  • Rock n’ Roll 25 Aries 26 also conjunction his fourth – the foundation.
  • Starr – 17 Taurus 18
  • Acer 18 Taurus 38 (for Ace) Ace is a Taurus.
  • Peter 17 Virgo 46
  • Crisser 19 Virgo 51 (for Criss)
  • Paul’s south node, of past lives, is zero Virgo, Gene’s Sun is two Virgo.
  • Paul has Simmons in Aries, and Gene’s ascendant is Aries.

“Paul Stanley said; “Everytime I climb a mountain, I look over and see another and think gee, I would like to climb that one”  A very Capricorn statement.

“I’m a Capricorn and Shes a Cancer”… from the song C’mon and love me.

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