Kris Allen American Idol

May 22nd, 2009

Kris Allen

American Idol

Astrology Shows why he won!

by Dave Campbell PMAFA

Kris Allen

June 21, 1985

No Time, Jacksonville, Arkansas  (American Idol voting May 12, 2009)

Even without Kris’ birth time, we can still glean a lot of information.  His chart with the transits show, how his chart supports winning the competition.  First I would like to focus on the planet Neptune and some of its meanings, as it is prominent in Kris’ chart and was activated the day of the votes.

Neptune rules over music, the arts, cinema-t.v., fantasy, dreams, illusion, glamour, idealism (Idol), and obsession can be associated with Neptune as well.  I have noticed Neptune being important in famous peoples lives, often coinciding with them being in movies, television, or fame in general.  Pluto rules over the masses of people, life changing events, transformation,  and obsession is also a keyword for Pluto.

Kris has Neptune at 2 Capricorn 18 rx.,  Opposing his Sun (identity) in his natal chart.  At the time of the voting the dwarf planet Pluto (the Masses) was at 2 Capricorn 56 rx, exactly conjunct Neptune, and opposing his Sun (identity)  in his chart!

Kris also had Saturn (Career, status) on his side. Saturn was exactly trine his natal Venus (arts, music) in Taurus (throat, singing), trines bestow harmony, good luck if you will, and ease.  Venus is also the ruler of his North Node (destiny).

Transiting Mars (action, energy) was in trine (flow, harmony) with Kris’ natal Uranus (unpredictable change, uniqueness, sudden, unexpected) on the night of the voting process. It was also exact degree!  Mars was at 15 Aries, Uranus natally is at 15 Sagittarius.  Some key concepts for this transit are; unexpected (he was the underdog, not expected to win), lucky situations and events, liberation from blockages, and a new and exciting time in your life. Kris was SHOCKED that he won as well.

The transiting Sun was opposing his natal Saturn (career) the day of the event, showing the importance, hard work, and struggle Kris went through.

Another factor that tricked the public is that Mercury (the trickster, ruling voting) is in retrograde!  Showing the turn of events.

Kris does have a very favorable chart for fame, singing, music.  Natally he has Neptune opposing his Sun, Pluto trines his Sun (support from the masses).  If his Moon is in Leo (determined by the time of birth which is unknown) this also is great for being in the spotlight.


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