Horoscope 2011 Sign Predictions

January 17th, 2010

By Brenda Black, CAP
Certified Astrologer- At The Astrology Store (Mondays)

Aries –
.You will be more optimistic and fortunate as the New Year begins.
You will make a great first impression on others and pursue your ambitions
with gusto!  On January 23rd Jupiter moves into Aries giving you a jump
start on your projects, then on March 12th Uranus moves into Aries bringing
in an exciting chapter in your life?By 2018 you will be on top of the world!
This is also the year when you do a reality check on your relationships.
You will know if your current relationship is right for you by July, 2011.
At the end of March, Mercury turns retrograde in your sign?you may find a
lost item.

Taurus – You will feel more compassionate and sensitive this year and may
prefer to work behind the scenes for a while.  Go on a spiritual retreat and
start a dream journal.  Pay extra attention to your mental and physical
health. Try to reduce your stress and take your dog out for more walks.
Jupiter moves into Taurus on June 5th and you will find new opportunities to
make money!



Gemini – You will have more fun in 2011! Children take the spotlight this
year.  Intimate relationships may be slower to develop and you will be
learning more lessons about love.  You will be doing more networking this
year and a new friend comes into your life. This person might ask for help.
Money from your career increases.  On June 1st there is a solar eclipse in
Gemini ? On December 21st there is a lunar eclipse in Gemini! There will be
a lot of changes and transformation this year.
Cancer Get back to your roots this year.  Balance your time between home
and work.  There will be changes in your home life and a possible move. Take
some time to research your family tree.  Your career makes a change for the
better and you may be in the spotlight some time this year. On January 4th
there is an eclipse in Capricorn, which will fall in your house of
relationships, then there is a solar eclipse in Cancer on July 1st ?  Both
eclipses will influence your love life in a positive way.


Leo – You will be doing some serious thinking this year and might find
yourself in a learning environment. You will do well on an exam this year
and your professional life thrives.  There may be a karmic situation with a
sibling to settle.  Get to know your neighbors this year. You will travel
out of state and expand your horizons.  You may have a teaching opportunity.
Your health is good.

Virgo – Take a realistic look at how you spend money.  You may have to cut
back on expenses.  Ask yourself: ?Am I spending to compensate for low self
esteem?? This is a year of increased psychological understanding.  In depth
study and research will go well.  Financial gains will come from your spouse
?s income.  The Mercury Retrograde in Virgo on August 3rd will help clarify
your objectives and will take you a vacation back to a place where you found

Libra – This is a year to focus on your self-image as Saturn is weighing
heavily upon you. Get realistic about your image to the world ? update your
hair and wardrobe. Partnership is favored this year so go out and mingle and
have fun.  Jupiter moves into Aries on January 23rd and enhances your
charisma.  Uranus moves into Aries on March 12th and you have a chance to
have the love of your lifetime as well as really good public exposure.  You
get a boost around June 13th as Saturn moves into direct motion.


Scorpio – Be aware of the connection between your mental health and your
immune system ? make sure both are operating in a healthy balanced way.  Get
more rest and pay attention to your spiritual life.  You will find joy in
your work in 2011 and it is easier this year to find employment.  A medical
procedure will be successful and you may acquire a new pet.  When Jupiter
enters Taurus on June 5th your love life will improve.  The solar eclipse in
your in the money sector of your chart on November 25th will bring more
income producing opportunities at the end of the year.


Sagittarius – You may find yourself as the leader of a team in 2011, but
prepare to make compromises.  You will work hard in 2011 to reach your
goals; however it may seem like an uphill struggle.  Love and romance may
drop into your life and you may hear of the birth of a child.  You may find
a hobby that may bring you an income in the future. The lunar eclipse on
June 15th brings in a new friend. The solar eclipse on November 25th will
open new doors for you and the Mercury retrograde at the same time may bring
you that lucky second chance!


Capricorn – The solar eclipse on January 4th brings in changes for the new
year.  Use social networking methods to advance your career.  Try harder
this year to be an authority within your profession. Your home life improves
and you will find funds to do repairs and add a new security system.  Bring
back family traditions this year and with the Mercury retrograde on March
30th in your fourth house, plan a family reunion. Pluto will turn direct in
your sign on September 16th and you may hear that good news you have been
waiting for.


Aquarius – Your worldviews and philosophies will be challenged in 2011. Many
of you will attend classes and enroll in advanced learning programs. You
will broaden your horizons with trips out of state and this is the year to
get that book written that you have always wanted to get published.  You
will increase your moneymaking skills and bring in more income in 2011.
Jupiter moving into your domestic sector on June 5th may bring changes in
your home life.  The solar eclipse on July 1st will open the door to more
friendships and greater public support
Pisces – You may deal more with mortgages, insurance issues and taxes this
year.  Make sure you read the fine print before signing important papers.
The more you heal your attitude toward money this year the more prosperous
you will become.  Your partner?s finances may need your extra attention.  Go
ahead and splurge on that luxury item, you deserve it! Neptune moving into
Pisces on April 5th enhances your compassion for the unfortunate and the
lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on June 15th brings in a better career
opportunity. The Mercury retrograde in your seventh house on August 3rd may
bring back old clients.














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I’ve been at his store many times and had readings with Dave, he is really accurate in his readings, about the beginning of the year he had predicted that the company I’m working for now, was going to get sold and many new changes were coming, he was even able to tell me my new boss' name which is Ken, he said it was going to be finalized by November and guess what, it really happened, company got sold, new boss’ name is Ken and it was all finalized in November, I really think he has a great gift, I’m only waiting for the man I’ll marry next year, if it does happen I’ll be back to let everybody know. I really thank him because he had given me great guidance.
Veronica, Phoenix Arizona