Heather Chadwell – A Mini Interpretation

January 16th, 2010

By Dave Campbell

Heather Chadwell

May 5, 1975
10:03 pm
Columbus, Ohio
Source: From Her

Heather Chadwell, is a model and T.V. personality, from the show “Rock of Love” with rock band Poison’s lead signer Brett Michaels. Heather is a Sagittarius rising, (the sign that was rising at the time of her birth) which represents her outer personality. Sagittarius rising gives Heather an exuberant, fun loving, outgoing, personality. Sagittarius is an active fire sign, full of energy and drive. Sometimes this can make her feel restless.

Sagittarius, is known for being very outspoken and sometimes blunt. Heather loves to socialize, as indicated by this rising sign. Heather is restraint less, and loves her freedom. One of the traits of Sagittarius is being a bachelor-et for as long as possible due to the love of freedom. Sagittarius also bestows humor, interest in philosophy, many cultural beliefs, foreigners and travel.

Heathers determination, is a trait of her Sun sign, Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign showing a love of luxuries, and  possessions, a material girl. Taurus is tactile, this is why Taurus’ love the finest natural fibers, and sensual touch of  another!

Taurus is a very patient, persistent, and very loyal. It is a fixed element showing stubbornness and longevity. Heather is down to earth and grounded in reality as her Sun sign keeps her there. Her Sun falls in her sixth house of health, and service, showing ability for lots of hard work, and it gives her a perfectionist personality.

Heather’s Moon sign is Pisces, this position of the Moon is emotional based, sensitive, empathetic, dreamy and highly intuitive. She can sense the feeling of others, just by being around them. Pisces Moons are escapists, and love a good drink a movie, or some way that they can escape reality. This placement gives her great creativity, and inspiration.

Heather has Mars conjunct (next to) her Moon, which gives her a strong emotional intensity, that can be prone to a quick temper. This aspect also drives her to take action, and accomplish a lot. Mercury, the planet of communication, and thought processes, is in the multi-tasking sign Gemini, which gives her the gift of gab. She is capable of doing many different projects at a time. She needs this mental stimulation or she will get bored very easily. Gemini rules her house of marriage and her Venus is also in this sign.

Heather will need a man that is a great communicator, quick witted, with a youthful attitude, and a great sense of humor, she will require a great deal of freedom. The best signs for her to date are Gemini, Pisces, and Sagittarius. I am sure we will see much more of her in the following year as Saturn, enters into her tenth house of career.

Dave Campbell a Professional member of the American Federation of Astrologers, An author, and owner of The Astrology Store in downtown Glendale, Arizona. He can be reached at www.theastrologystore.com

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