Forensic Astrology Book

Forensic Astrology  by Dave CampbellForensic Astrology

Solving Crimes with Astrology
By Dave Campbell

This book is about using forensic astrology to solve crimes, pinpoint or eliminate suspects, gain clues from the crime scene chart, profile criminals, and to see how accurate and amazing astrology is. Using ground breaking techniques such as the asteroids with personal names and themes, giving explicit and precise accuracy that has not been utilized as it could be.

The charts and their revelations will astonish you as to how the universe really is in synchronicity with our lives!

The astrological DNA is real!

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    1. Forensic astrology: the tools;
    2. Event charts: the crime scene;
    3. Profiling criminals with astrology;
    4. Laci Peterson disappearance;
    5. Danielle Van Dam;
    6. Robert Blakely – Bonnie Blakely;
    7. The Yosemite murders: Cary Stayner;
    8. The abduction of Samantha Runnion;
    9. The Polly Klass abduction;
    10. Suicide in forensic astrology;
    11. Murder or suicide?;
    12. Did James Earl Ray shoot Martin Luther King Jr.?;
    13. The JFK assassination;
    14. The Columbine shootings;
    15. 9/11 & the asteroids;
    16. Horary charts in forensic astrology; Asteroids used; Asteroid ephemeris, 1950-2010 (every 10 days): Anubis, BAM, Lust, Heracles, Medea, Melpomene, Melancholia.

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      Call and schedule a reading with Dave. He is such professional. There are various readings that you can select. I just got my yearly astrology reading from Dave. He told me what to expect in the up coming year. I have to say he is a phenomenal medium. I have been going to Dave for readings for the past four years. In one of my reading with Dave he informed me that I would be moving to AZ and keeping my same job. My husband and I moved here in August and I kept my job because my employer offered me work from home. This is just one of many things that Dave has told me would take place in my life that came true. The other readers are also great. I have had readings from Jason and from Christopher and both provided me with insight as to up coming events
      Linda, Phoenix Arizona