Asteroid Trivia

June 21st, 2008

by Dave Campbell

Gene Simmons of KISS has asteroid Rock n’ Roll 17 Libra 17 conjunct his South Node at 17 Libra 23!

Paul Stanley has Asteroid Bacchus conjunct his Sun, Bacchus is the first rock star. He also has the asteroid Casablanca conjunct his Sun, Casablanca was their original record label.

Maurice and Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees have the asteroid BeeGees at 13 degrees 46 Aries conjunct their North Nodes at 13 degrees 12 Aries retrograde! (they are twins)

Barry Gibb has asteroid BeeGees widely conj. His Sun (8 Virgo) asteroid BeeGees is 17 degrees Virgo.

Actress Jodie Foster had an asteroid named after her, for the Movie Contact, Jodies Sun is 26 Scorpio 51, Asteroid Jodie Foster is 27 Scorpio 46, conjunction her Sun!

Tracey Ullman Has asteroid Thalia 8 at Virgo conj. Pluto at 6 Virgo in her tenth house of career. Thalia is the Muse of Comedy.

Comedian Chris Rock has asteroid Thalia (the muse of comedy) at 29 Capricorn 08 conjunct his Venus at 29 Capricorn 37 Rx in his 10th house of Career!

Asteroid Fireman show’s up prominently in many Firemen’s charts conjuncting the Sun (identity), Venus (what you love), or house of career.

The asteroid Persephone/Proserpina often shows up prominently in abducted children’s charts.

The asteroid Ceres, shows up prominently in many anorexic’s charts.

One of my clients is a Reiki Master, asteroid Reiki is conjunct her Sun (identity).

Many alcoholics have the asteroid Bacchus/Dioynisus prominent in their charts such as Janis Joplin (conjunct Sun),

Bill Clinton has asteroid Lust conjunct his ascendant(!) and asteroid Sax conjunct his Sun (he plays the saxophone).

When kidnapper Richard Davis kidnapped Polly Klauss asteroid Polly was conjunct his Sun. And Transiting Richard was in her 7th house of open enemies, asteroid Davis was conjunct her Mars.

A friend of mine had transiting asteroid Arachne conjunct her Mars the day she got bit by a brown recluse spider!

A client who is a high priced call girl has asteroid Geisha conjunct her Venus. Geisha’s were paid companions or escorts.

A client who has asteroid BUS conjunct her ascendant (yep you guessed it she is a bus driver) had to quit her job as a bus driver when Saturn conjoined asteroid Bus, do to health restrictions. (No birth data for client confidentiality.)

As I was describing the possible manifestations of asteroid Persephone, that was conjunct my client’s Sun, (nataly) the last thing I said was in some cases it show’s up prominent in abducted/kidnapped children’s charts. She exclaimed, “I was kidnapped at age three!”

Asteroids Persephone or Proserpina who was kidnapped by Pluto, often shows up in the charts of kidnap victims. Patty Hearst known for being kidnapped has asteroid Proserpina at 3 Pisces 09 conjunct her Sun (identity) at 1 Pisces 55!

A client of mine who is in a Beatles tribute band, playing the role of John Lennon has asteroid Beatles at 19 Aries 09 conjunct his Sun at 15 Aries 53!

Veta Vesta has been studied recently with the Hubble Spacecraft. It is a particularly interesting asteroid in that it seems to have been differentiated into layers like the planets. This implies some internal heat source in addition to the heat released by long-lived radio-isotopes which alone would be insufficient to melt such a small object. There is also a gigantic impact basin so deep that it exposes the mantle beneath Vesta’s outer crust

Walt Disney has asteroid Disneya (named after him) at 26 Scorpio51 conjunct his Mercury at 27 Scorpio 26 in his 3rd house of communication. He also has asteroid Pan at 7 Gemini 12 opposing his Sun at 12 Sagittarius.  Asteroid Walter (Walt) is conjunct his Sun at 3 Sag 27″.

Judge Judy known for her fiery, quick temper, and brutal verbal assaults has asteroid Toro 10 degrees Libra 51 conjunct her Mercury at 10 degrees Libra 50!  She also has Klotho at 25 Libra 22 conjunct her Mars 22 Libra 27 and Sun 27 Libra 37, Klotho is one of the fates of beginnings, and Atropos the Cutter of fate is at 20 degrees Cancer 27 Conjunct Jupiter at 24 degrees Cancer 27. She was a family (Cancer) court Judge (Jupiter), who decided peoples fate,and is now on TV doing the same. She was born 10/21/42 in Brooklyn, NY no time.

Noted Oceanographer, Jacques Cousteau has the asteroid Amphitrite 10 Cancer 58   (the sea nymph who ran to the depths of the ocean to escape Poseidon, to no avail as she became his wife) conjunct his Neptune/MC midpoint at 11 Cancer 15.     b.6/11/1910 1:15pm Ste. Andre de Dubzac, France (A:Gauquelin #444 Vol. 3)

Sedna was thrown over a boat in the ocean and her fingers severed when she tried to hold on.  Asteroid Sedna is opposing Scott Peterson’s Sun (1 Scorpio 21, Sedna is 2 Taurus 35 Rx.)  in his fifth house of love affairs, and children. Scott is responsible for throwing his wife Laci Peterson over a boat in the ocean after decapitating her. He was having an affair, and Laci was pregnant, both fifth house matters. It had been discovered also that fish had eaten some of her body parts.     b.10/24/72 9:36 am San Diego, CA

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