9 Reasons To Get An Astrology Reading

March 27th, 2007

By Dave Campbell,  Astrologer

Here are nine great reasons you should get an astrological reading:

  1. An astrology chart is a blue print, x-ray, or a road map of your life giving you guidance and direction.
  2. By understanding who you are in the universe, gives a purpose and meaning.
  3. It can give us our life lessons, that need to be understood before we can evolve. By knowing this ahead we can advance much quicker in the Karma of it all!
  4. Your chart gives you an understanding of your relationships, their needs, allowing you to maker proper choices in relationships resulting in happiness.
  5. Your chart can show many career aptitudes which will help you select your correct career, thus making you fulfill your destiny and just find the right job!
  6. Astrology is cyclical, and has many cycles within cycles.  By understanding the meaning of the cycle, and which one you are in will help you understand your life much better, especially with the timing of your life.  You can also see when the cycle will be over….this too shall pass!
  7. With the current planetary placements hitting your chart personally, you can understand what your opportunities, lessons, and challenges are with understanding of why, when, and how long it will last.
  8. You can look ahead into your future to see where timing, and opportunities lay ahead.
  9. A relationship astrology reading can give you a much better understanding you your relationship(s) with another and gives guidance as how to work things out in a positive manner.

There are many more reasons you could gain a richer life by utilizing the powerful tool of Astrology!

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How do you thank someone for saving a life? Let me share with you just one of my many readings with David. Not that the others were not as significant, but this one save my Mom’s life, not once but twice in the matter of 30 days. Dave told me that I needed to get my Mom to the Dr. as soon as possible for knee, and he saw something going on with her mid section. For those who have become the parent of the parent, you will understand that this can be a feat like no other encountered. To be honest all I had to say to her was that David said she had to go right away. She almost ran me down in the door way the day of her appointment with the knee surgeon. I will give you the Readers Digest version going forward. After several Dr. visits, MRI’s, X-ray’s, blood work etc. They were ready to replace the faulty knee. During the surgery 2 tissue samples were sent to the lab, first one came back OK the second showed a major bone infection (which David told me about). The Dr. didn’t replace the knee at that time. And he put her in a care center on huge amounts of antibiotics. 4 Months later the infection was gone and she was able to have the knee surgery. Fast forward 30 days, I now am calling 911 to have her rushed to the hospital for several hernias in the upper intestine that were about to rupture. Again without having advanced knowledge from David, I would have thought she was still having issues with recovery from the amount of antibiotics she was given to kill the infection from her knee surgery. Bottom line, after a very long explanation, had the infection, and the hernia’s gone any longer without medical intervention, my Mom would not be here with me today.. David & Ray are not just friends, they are family.
Debe Z, Glendale, Arizona