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Kay   Mondays,  Select Saturdays and Sundays:   Palmistry,  Lenormand,  Tarot, Psychic 



Psychic, Tarot, Lenormand,  Astrology,  Past Life Readings* , Reiki Master

Elizabeth works as a Psychic Tarot Reader and she teaches Tarot classes as well.  Liz also does Healings with Reiki.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays Starting in March =Lysa, Tarot, Psychic

   Destiny=Thursdays and Select Saturdays = Tarot, Psychic, Oracle, Sound Healing, and more

Select Saturdays and Sundays=  Victoria=Tarot, Psychic, Astrology



Psychic and Tarot Readings
Select Saturdays and Select Sundays

Past Lives Readings at The Astrology Store*
Past Life Readings at The Astrology Store will be available beginning In May 2021.
Past Life readings are available for individuals who may find themselves with repetitive behaviors which
interrupt or interfere with their daily life. These readings are not to be confused with a past life

Past Life Oracle Card Readings are to help individuals to focus on particular behavior that they find
themselves repeating over and over. Focusing on a particular issue leads to setting the “intent” for a
reading. The Reading involves throwing various cards which will reveal a past lifetime where this
particular behavior may have originated and then, the person is able to learn how this behavior is
interfering or interrupting their life time currently. Individuals can learn how their behavior or their issue
has impacted their past, their present and how they may be able to shift or change their energy to
release the energy to improve their future.
Readings are by appointment only and they are prepaid. The fee is one hundred dollars for a period of
fifty to sixty minutes.
Interested parties may call the store [623-463-6286] to learn more. The readers who are experienced
with Past Life Card Readings and who are available by appointment are: Beth, Liz, and Barbara.
$100 for one hour.. by apointment.




Readings in the Store

20 minutes-$35
30 minutes-$45
40 minutes-$55
($5.00 discount when you pay with CASH)

Readings on the Psychic Phone Line: by appointment with the Reader of the day. Cost is 1.99 per minute with a 20 minute minimum $39.80






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