Our Readers

Bio Sonic Healing, Reiki Master, Tuning fork healings
Available Mondays
$75/hr. by appointment
Reiki classes: Level I – $110, Level II – $205, Master/Teacher – $305



Psychic-Tarot and Astrology readings.
(Select Saturdays And Events)
Christopher has been with the Store for twelve years.  He does Tarot, Astrology, Runes and uses his psychic abilities in all readings.



Psychic-Tarot Reader, Medium, and Numerology.
Tuesdays, and Fridays, Select Saturdays and Events.
Jackie grew up as a psychic child.  She has been using  numerology, tarot and mediumship skills in her readings for more than 40 years.  She has worked at The Astrology Store for more than 15 years.  During the past two decades Jackie has worked with “Find Me” which is an organization to locate missing persons of all ages world wide.


Psychic, Tarot, Astrology
Wednesdays and alternating Sundays
And Mondays in September and October

Barbara works as a Psychic Tarot Reader and she teaches Tarot classes as well.  She has more than forty years of experience working in metaphysical and spiritual work. Her skills began early in her youth. Originally from Salem, MA Barbara has lived in the domestic US and in South America. In addition to reading cards she often times communicates with spirits who have transitioned to the other side.


Psychic-Tarot Reader,  Medium, specializing in Osho Zen Cards
(on Sabbatical )





Psychic-Tarot and Oracle Readings, and does Reiki and tuning fork healing’s.
Alternating Sundays,
Thursdays in September and October. As well as  select
Psychic Fair .




Psychic and Tarot Readings, Astrology 
(On Sabbatical )


Readings in the Store

20 minutes-$35
30 minutes-$45
40 minutes-$55
($5.00 discount when you pay with CASH)

Readings on the Psychic Phone Line: by appointment with the Reader of the day. Cost is 1.99 per minute with a 20 minute minimum $39.80




Lead Paranormal Investigator

Paranormal Investigations:
By a team of paranormal investigators, including mediums, and paranormal investigators, utilizing cameras, recorders, and more.  Hauntings, ghost hunting, and the paranormal events that may occur.  Call or email the store for more information.



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