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September  2018


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The Other Side of Neptune
with Guest Astrologer Linea Van Horn

SATURDAY October 6th  2018  Noon – 2pm
Cost is $30

The Other Side of Neptune
Consider Neptune: Field of dreams or den of illusion? Holy Grail or snuff planet? From the
sublime to the ridiculous, this planet defies description, evades the “real” world and reminds us
that this earthly plane is but one small manifestation of true reality. There is much to love and
much to hate about this giant gasbag intent on dissolving our attachment to the physical realm.
For those with control issues Neptune is an exercise in frustration. For those on a spiritual path,
he shows the way. What qualities can we develop to make the best of this enigmatic planet?
Linea Van Horn, C.A., NCGR-PAA, is the Astrologer at Large. Linea is Founder and President
Emerita of the San Francisco Astrological Society (1992-2014). She is fully certified and has
served on three NCGR boards, including the Board of Examiners. Formerly employed in the
astrology Internet industry, Linea is an experienced advisor, respected teacher, published
author, and popular public speaker. She now devotes herself to client work, teaching, writing,

Pay Here for Neptune  Neptune



Beginning Astrology Class now Enrolling!
With Dave Campbell LPMAFA Instructor
Class Starts January 7th Monday’s at 6:30 pm-8:30 pm
Beginning is 6 weeks, and is $150  Take the entire course and pass
the final exam and you will receive a diploma as an Advanced Astrologer.
Sign up early to guarantee your spot
**Pay Here for Beginning Astrology  $150.00   **Add To Cart

Medium ship Development
With Dave Campbell Certified Psychic -Medium
Pre -requisite *  Must have completed
Psychic development Intermediate and pass.
Cost is $ 200 for 6 weeks
Development of your Medium skills will be taught, and demonstrated.
Pass the final exam and you will receive a Mediumship Certification level 1
There will be many practice readings.  This is an experiential class.
Pay Here for Mediumship Certification class $200.00 Add To Cart


Intermediate Tarot Starts September 10th (Mondays)
Taught by Psychic -Tarot Reader Barbara 6 weeks/ $150
6 week class Mondays 6:30-8:30 pm
You will go deeper into the Tarot, more spreads, practice
readings, and more!  Complete all 3 levels and pass the test you
will receive a certificate as an Advanced Tarot  Reader
Sign up to guarantee your spot!
Pay Here for Intermediate Tarot $150 Add To Cart


Shadow Tarot Class, working with Archetypes
suggested by Carl Jung.
You, Tarot, Working With The Shadow:”
Class is on Wednesday’s at 6:30 -8;30 pm starting Sept 12th
1. Familiarize students with the work of Carl Jung, a psychologist
2. Meet, unearth and work with their shadow using different layouts in class
3. Welcome the Shadow as a very valuable and meaningful part of themselves
4. Work within the class and with others who are seeking to open themselves to resolve past conflicts
and heal old wounds
5. Learn to celebrate the Shadow par to themselves to begin to utilize the skills that have been
developed with its recognition
6. Ultimately learn to honor the wholeness of the self [their own self] as a person spiritually,
physically, and emotionally, and
7. Finally, students will learn ways [with the use of Tarot] to release their innermost fears and blocks
Taught by Barbara a reader for the Astrology Store. Cost is $150 for 6 weeks.
Pay here for Shadow Tarot $150 Add To Cart


Advanced Tarot Starts October 22nd
With Barbara, 6 weeks/$150
Take the test and get a certification in Tarot
This class will teach you how to conduct readings, going more
professional.  Learning flow different aspects of Tarot.
Save the dates on your calendar!
Pay here for Advanced Tarot $150  

Palmistry Class for Beginners! NEW
Starts October 2nd Tuesdays 6:30 pm-8:30 pm
With Instructor and Astrology Store Palm Reader Kay
Learn all the basics of Palm reading. This four week class will cover
hand types, the major lines ,(life line, love line, head line etc)
mounts, and much more. Learn to tell your own future,
or add palmistry to your tool box of knowledge.

Pay here for Palmistry

New Superstar Advanced Course in Asteroids
Developed by Dave Campbell
enter link in browser to purchase or see more info.
Dave is also the facilitator of the course and will assist with questions etc as you go. 

adv asteroids course


Some students of astrology have discovered the value of using asteroids their charts. Even more would like to, but dont know how or where to begin. If youre among them, you now have an opportunity to do just that.

AFAs new course on asteroids was developed by Dave Campbell, PMAFA, who uses asteroids extensively in his charts. As he says, Asteroids are a great way to fine-tune a chart, and my approach is a practical one that provides usefu

l in
sights into everything from finances to romance.

Group Medium Night — With Dave Campbell

Friday September 28th, 2018


Friday, September 28th   2018 ,  6:30 sharp – 8:30pm – Tickets are on sale now for $25.00 This event will be held at the The Astrology Store. Get your tickets now, this event will sell out. Get a medium reading from Psychic Medium Dave Campbell, Receive validations and messages from loved ones on the other side, get closure and healing. Dave is a certified Research medium with the Windbridge Institute. (WCRM)

Pay Here for October 26th       Oct 26th Med night

Pay Here For  November 20th TUE  med night June 1st

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