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so we can plan for class materials, books etc. and assure no class cancelation.

Beginning  Astrology Class now Enrolling!
With Dave Campbell LPMAFA Instructor
Class Starts January 6th 2020  Monday’s at 6:30 pm-8:30 pm
Beginning Class covers all the basics of astrology and much more.
This covers, planets, signs, houses, aspects, midpoints, asteroids, Decantes and Dwads.
Beginning class is 6 weeks.  Take the entire course and pass
the final exam and you will receive a diploma as an Advanced Astrologer.
Sign up early to guarantee your spot
**Pay Here for Beginning Astrology  $150.00


Healing from Sexual Trauma & Abuse
Workshop with Barbara
Saturday Oct 12, 2019
1pm-5pm  Cost: $60.00
This is a two part workshop for four hours designed for individuals who have experienced some form of sexual
trauma and / or abuse in their lives. It is also for women who have been impacted by inappropriate sexual
behavior in the workplace. The goals of this workshop are to
1. Help individuals to, share their experiences, receive validation, support
2. Empower women to feel in control of their lives and relationships and,
3. Find therapeutic resources which may be helpful on their journey.
Pay Here for Sexual Workshop  $60

Intermediate Tarot
Starts Oct 22nd, 2019 6:30 pm-8:30 pm
$150 6 weeks/Barbara is the instructor
You will learn many new spreads and Combinations
card and much more.  Practicing readings, is a big part of this class.
Pay Here for Int. Tarot

Group Sound Bath with Stacee!
Back by popular demand
Saturday Nov. 9th at 1 PM.  Seats $25.
Bring pillow, and blanket,
If you wish, and wear comfortable clothing.
Music speaks what can not be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart, and makes it whole, Flows from heaven to the soul.
Pay Here for sound bath

Exciting News!  The Arizona Society of Astrologers
will now be holding their meetings here at
The Astrology Store!
Meetings will be held the 3rd Saturday of the Month
from 1:00 -5:00 pm Paid Lecture
and a free half hour class at 12:30 pm
admission is $20 members/$25 Public
This month  Sept 21st 2019 we will have
Astrologer Laura Des Jardins

Topic:     Who’s The Matter With Me?
Presented By: Laura Rose DesJardins
DescriptionWhen we are in the right relationship we are healthy and vital with a good since of timing. When we are in a difficult one, we seem to have health issues as well  psychological difficulties. Laura will use our natal Venus Saturn aspects along with midpoints and solar arcs to give you timing on when there is a potential to have something that could go wrong with our health.. Laura will show how future trends and cycles affect each of us in multiple areas, but specifically how relationship can affect our health and well being. Major events can also be forecasted in relationships easily through the dial and midpoint structures. Laura likes to make this fun, so please bring your charts and enjoy.

BioLaura is an international multi-media personality, having been interviewed by CBS Radio, The NBC’s “Today Show” with articles in “People Magazine,” “Orange Coast Magazine,” the “Orange County Register” as well as three feature articles in the “Los Angeles Times Business Section. Laura has held “Staff Astrologer”, positions at various radio stations and national magazine publications, and was a lecturer consultant to the exclusive “Golden Door Resort & Spa. Laura has also lectured with the Norwegian Cruise Lines, Princess Cruise lines and the Celebrity Cruise Lines. In addition, she is the author of the “Astro-Medical Wheel,” “Time Passages,” and an astrological report writer called “Midpoint Keys” by Matrix Software. Laura was interviewed by the Learning and Discovery Channel on a show called “Prophecies The Millennium and Prophecies of Nostradamus, She presently is the director of Southern California Astrological Network, which she founded in 1986 and was the former director of the Michigan Astrological Association. Laura will also be speaking at the Convention in Kolkata 2021 and The Sedona Vedic Convention In November. She more recently has lectured with ISAR and OPA.


New Superstar Advanced Course in Asteroids
Developed by Dave Campbell
enter link in browser to purchase or see more info.
Dave is also the facilitator of the course and will assist with questions etc as you go. 

adv asteroids course

Some students of astrology have discovered the value of using asteroids their charts. Even more would like to, but dont know how or where to begin. If youre among them, you now have an opportunity to do just that.

AFAs new course on asteroids was developed by Dave Campbell, PMAFA, who uses asteroids extensively in his charts. As he says, Asteroids are a great way to fine-tune a chart, and my approaa practical one that provides uful in
sights into everything from finances to romance.

Group Medium Night — With Dave Campbell

Friday October 25th ,2019

Friday, Oct 25, 2019 ,  6:30 sharp – 8:30pm – Tickets are on sale now for $25.00 This event will be held at the The Astrology Store. Get your tickets now, this event will sell out. Get a medium reading from Psychic Medium Dave Campbell, Receive validations and messages from loved ones on the other side, get closure and healing. Dave is a certified Research medium with the Windbridge Institute. (WCRM)

Pay Here for October 25th

Pay Here for Nov 26th (Tuesday) Last one for Year

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