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September-October  2022

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so we can plan for class materials, books etc. and assure no class cancelation.

Beginning Astrology NOW ENROLLING!
Starts Monday January 2nd 2023
Monday’s 6:30pm to 8:30pm / Cost is $150 6 weeks
With Dave Campbell Certified Professional Astrologer
Take the entire course and pass the final exam and get certified as an  Advanced Astrologer
Beginning covers the basics of astrology all the building blocks needed to interpret charts.
Also covered in beginning is midpoints, major asteroids, decantes and dwads, Aspect patterns and more!
Sign up early to reserve your space.  Need date, time and place of birth.


Beginning Tarot Class Now Enrolling! 
January 3rd Tuesday’s at 6:30 pm -8:30 pm
6 weeks/Cost is $150 with Tarot reader Elizabeth at the Astrology Store
Learn all the basics and meaning of the cards.  Major Arcana and Minor Arcana,
How to do spreads, shuffle, ask questions etc.  Take the entire course of Tarot and pass the final exam,
you will receive a certificate as Advanced Tarot Reader.
Pay Here for Tarot class $150

Beginning Palmistry Class Now Enrolling!  
Starts January 4th Wednesday’s at 6:30 pm -8:30 pm
4 Weeks/ $100  Palm Reader Kay is Instructor
Learn all the lines, mounts, finger meanings and how to interpret them.
In this beginning class you will learn all the basics of Palmistry.
Pay Here for Palmistry $100/4 weeks

Beginning Crystal Class with
Psychic-Tarot Reader  George  Now enrolling!
6:30 -8:30 pm  Wednesday’s  4 weeks $100
Learn the meanings of stones, how to use them in many different ways,
This four week class will get you to know and understand the many associations with the different
Crystals/stones.  Metaphysical, Magical, Medical and more uses, even how to do readings with Crystals.
Pay Here for Crystal class


Nurture Your Mind With Sound Healing
with Keshave Mclaughlin
Saturday September 24th at 6:30 PM / Seat is $30
Join us for a transformative Sound Journey experience. We will connect with sacred instruments that have a profound effect on our physical body, our mental and emotional state and even our brain wave states.   Sound Therapy helps to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and pain, while stimulating cell regeneration, clearing energetic blockages, and increasing energy and focus while keeping a deep sense of peace.
Seating is limited sign up now.  Bring Yoga Matt, blanket and pillow for comfort
Pay Here For Sound Healing $30 


Psychic development Mediumship/Advanced–Pre requisite Beginning Psychic
Starts Sept 26th  @6:30 PM to 8:30 PM Mondays 4 weeks
Cost is $130  Instructor: Psychic-Medium Dave Campbell
You will open up your latent psychic abilities, and learn how to use them at will.
Take both Psychic classes to be able to take the Medium-ship class later this fall.
Pay here for Advanced Psychic/Medium development class



Superstar Advanced Course in Asteroids

Developed by Dave Campbell
enter link in browser to purchase or see more info.
Dave is also the facilitator of the course and will assist with questions etc as you go. 

adv asteroids course

Some students of astrology have discovered the value of using asteroids their charts. Even more would like to, but dont know how or where to begin. If youre among them, you now have an opportunity to do just that.

AFAs new course on asteroids was developed by Dave Campbell, PMAFA, who uses asteroids extensively in his charts. As he says, Asteroids are a great way to fine-tune a chart, and my approaa practical one that provides uful in
sights into everything from finances to romance.

Group Medium Night — With Dave Campbell

Friday, September 30th ,2022

Friday, September 30th,  6:30 sharp – 8:30pm – Tickets are on sale now for $25.00 This event will be held at the The Astrology Store. Get your tickets now, this event will sell out. Get a medium reading from Psychic Medium Dave Campbell, Receive validations and messages from loved ones on the other side, get closure and healing. Dave is a certified Research medium with the Windbridge Institute. (WCRM)


Pay Here for September 30th

Pay Here for October 21st   Not the last Friday. 

Pay Here for November 22nd (Tuesday-Last one of the Year!) 

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