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 August – September  2017


** Classes** and Events**

so we can plan for class materials, books etc. and assure no class cancelation.


Group Medium Day with Dave
SATURDAY  September 16th  2pm-4pm
Cost is $25
Dave will be doing this on a Saturday day for those who can’t usually make the Friday Night
Event.  He will be doing medium readings for the audience, just like in Group Medium Night.
We will still have Group Medium Night scroll down to bottom of page for the date(s).

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Specialty Astrology Class Series
All classes will be Monday’s at 6:30pm-8;30 pm



Math  Of Astrology Class
7 Weeks/ $150 Mondays Starting 7/24-9/28
You will learn how to calculate Astrology Charts, and this class
will prepare you for the AFA ‘s Student exam, given in the October/November.
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Healing Pluto Problems
Monday Sept 18th 6:30 pm-8:30 pm

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Evolutionary Astrology
Sep. 25th 6:30 $25Add To  Cart

Tarot Class for Beginners With Verona
Class is Wednesday’s from 6:30-8:30 pm
Starts Sept. 6th with Verona.
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New Superstar Advanced Course in Asteroids
Developed by Dave Campbell
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adv asteroids course


Some students of astrology have discovered the value of using asteroids in their charts. Even more would like to, but dont know how or where to begin. If youre among them, you now have an opportunity to do just that.

AFAs new course on asteroids was developed by Dave Campbell, PMAFA, who uses asteroids extensively in his charts. As he says, Asteroids are a great way to fine-tune a chart, and my approach is a practical one that provides usefu

l in
sights into everything from finances to romance.

Group Medium Night — With Dave Campbell

Friday August 25th  2017


Friday, August 25th   ,  6:30 sharp – 8:30pm – Tickets are on sale now for $25.00 This event will be held at the The Astrology Store. Get your tickets now, this event will sell out. Get a medium reading from Psychic Medium Dave Campbell, Receive validations and messages from loved ones on the other side, get closure and healing. Dave is a certified Research medium with the Windbridge Institute. (WCRM)

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